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Yanagiba Knife Ginsan Steel Hon-Kasumi

Sale price¥36,520

Type:Yanagiba Knife
Steel Material: Ginsan Steel
Sharpening: Hon-Kasumi
Handle: Magnolia octagonal handle (optional change to ebony handle available)
Water Buffalo Horn: White to white-brown marble or black
Inscription (Front): Optional. Note: The photo shows Ginza Watari (laser logo)
Inscription (Back): Suisin Ginsan Steel (engraved)
Initial Sharpening: Optional Available
Mirror Finish:Optional Available
Sheath:Optional Available

Delivery Time:

Delivery time may vary depending on additional options, but as a general guideline, it will be shipped and delivered within 1-2 months from the order date.(If there are no additional options, delivery can be made within 1-2 weeks after ordering. If you are concerned about the delivery time, please contact us via chat, LINE, or inquiry email.) 

Recommended Whetstone:

Whetstone #2000

Whetstone #5000 (Arashiyama)

Whetstone #8000 (Kitayama)


Is there another type of steel available?
→ White No.2 Steel, Ginsan Steel, and Blue No.2 Steel are available. Please check the product category page.

Is there a left-handed version available?
→ The price will be 50% higher,This product pageCan be accommodated.

Yanagiba Knife Ginsan Steel Hon-Kasumi
Yanagiba Knife Ginsan Steel Hon-Kasumi Sale price¥36,520