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[Ginza Watari Original] 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus

Sale price¥26,730

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■ 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus Ginza Watari Original

It is a Damascus kitchen knife that breaks in the VG 10, which is employed in many kitchen knives. It is perfectly double-edged and can be used regardless of dominant hand.

By adding a nickel-Damascus pattern to the blade, you can enjoy the beauty of the appearance and the feeling of cutting by the knife weight to give a good feeling of weight. It is a gem that withstands use as a commercial use from home use.

Linen Maikarta is used for the handle, which is also durable.

■ Specifications
Pattern: Linen Maikarta
Sheath: No
The inscription (table): Ginza Watari
Inscription (Back): None
Book Blade: No
Weight: about 255g

■ Recommended Grindstone

...Grindstone #2000

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■ Delivery time: Depending on the stock status, we will deliver by approximately 3 months after order.

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■ Can I have a blade?
→ We accept additional options. It is easy to adjust the cutting edge (also known as initial sharpening overseas), but if you wish, please use it when purchasing a kitchen knifeFrom herePlease buy.

■ Is there another piece of steel?
→ There is no.

■ Is there another size?
200mmThere is.

■ Can I change the inscription (character part)?
→ It is possible to erase the part of "Ginza Watari" (no letters) or to put "Suikshin original inscription", please contact us if requested.

[Ginza Watari Original] 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus
[Ginza Watari Original] 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus Sale price¥26,730