[Ginza Watari Original] 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus


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■ 230mm Beef Sword Nickel Damascus Ginza Watari Original

It is a Damascus knife that interrupts VG10, which is used in many knives. It is completely double-edged and can be used regardless of your dominant hand.

By adding a nickel Damascus pattern to the blade, you can enjoy the beauty of the appearance and the feeling of being cut by the weight of the knife, giving it a moderate weight. It is a gem that can withstand home use as well as commercial use.

Linen My Carta is used for the handle, and it has excellent durability.


■ Specifications
Pattern: Linen My Carta
Sheath: none
Inscription (table): Watari Ginza
Inscription (back): None
With this blade: None
Weight: about 255g


■ Recommended whetstone



[Please check the following points before purchasing]

■ Delivery time: Depending on the stock status, we will deliver it within "about 3 months" after ordering.

If you have any other requests, please indicate so in the "Remarks" column when ordering.




■ Is there another steel material?
→ No.

■ Is there another size?
→ There is 200 mm.

■ Is there a left-handed one?
→ The price will be 50% higher than the displayed price, but it is possible to accept it.

■ Is it possible to change the inscription (character part)?
→ It is possible to erase the "Ginza Watari" part (without letters) or add the "Inscription of the original intoxication", so please contact us if you have a request.

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