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Article: Watari original kitchen knife / cutting board


Watari original kitchen knife / cutting board

We would like to introduce Ginza Watari's original kitchen knives and cutting boards that have been commercialized.

The concept of kitchen knives and cutting boards is that we hope that the tools used by humans in our main business can be used at home.

Depending on the production situation, a limited number of reservations may be required (since all products are handmade), but if you are interested, please purchase from the URL below.

Let's start with the kitchen knife.

■ Table of contents

1. Willow blade 270mm silver three steel

I will introduce from Yanagi knife, but all three knives are my favorite knives maker. "Heart" It will be produced in collaboration with. This knife is a 270 mm, 9 inch Ginsan Yanagi knife.

Ginsan is a kind of stainless steel material, and I was wondering whether it was a steel knife or a stainless steel knife, but if I use it at home, I wonder if a rust-proof knife is easy to use, so this time, Ginsan I chose the steel material.

The performance of kitchen knives is mainly due to the "hardness" and "stickiness" of steel materials, and the hardness is simply that the harder it is, the better the sharpness.

What is stickiness is the sustainability of sharpness.Generally, as you use a kitchen knife, it will become more and more difficult to cut.

The stronger the stickiness, the slower the speed at which it cuts. In other words, a sticky knife means that it can be cut long and well.

However, the harder it is and the stronger it is, the better it is, which is also a delicate matter.

No matter how hard or sticky it is, a kitchen knife will never cut. Also, if it is too hard or too sticky, the knife may not be sharpened when sharpening.

Based on these points, I think that the steel material called Ginsan is suitable for kitchen knives in the stainless steel system, so this time I planned a kitchen knife for Ginsan.

What is the length (size) of the willow blade?

You may think that 9 inches (= about 270 mm) is a little short. However, that is the technical strength of Mr. Suishin, and because the length is short, it is possible to cut with the weight of the Yanagi knife.

Mr. Suishin makes a kitchen knife with a balance of length and weight that I like very much.

This is something that you can't understand unless you pick it up, but the knives are made so that you can pull the sashimi with a smooth feel.

I think that this willow blade is good if you use it at home, including the length, steel material and balance.

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Willow blade 270mm silver three steel

2. Boat trip 165mm white second steel

Click here to introduce next. At first glance, it may look like a small deba knife.

This is a kitchen knife called Funako, a 165 mm steel, white two steel.

I mentioned earlier that a knife that doesn't rust is better for Yanagi blades, but this knife is a steel knife that rusts.

There is a little reason for this.

Originally, when I asked Mr. Suishin for a knife, I only asked for a blank paper (Shiro Nikko) knife.

So, is there a kitchen knife that is useful for handling small fish that are actually used for work and are thin? When I asked him, there was a knife called "Funeyuki" from Mr. Suishin, so why don't you try it if you like?

After that, I made it as a custom-made kitchen knife and used it habitually.

Against such a background, we are introducing steel materials. (This boat line is also available for rust-free, silver three steel.)

What is convenient for boating?

What is convenient is that it is thin anyway.

Difference between Deba knife and boat line

These two are images of a kitchen knife used to handle fish and a kitchen knife used from the round state to the fence.

What is Deba Knife?

As you all know, Deba knives are thick enough to handle rough usage such as cracking the head of a fish.

What is boating?

This is the knife I often use in the video, but this is a knife that is not as thick as the Deba knife. (It looks similar)

Deba and boat line have different thickness

The shape is like a Deba knife, but it's easy to understand from the top, but this thin one is pretty easy to use.

In the comment section of YouTube, it is a kitchen knife that receives overwhelmingly many inquiries.

Why do you find it useful for boating?

Sushi restaurants have a lot of opportunities to handle small fish and shellfish such as horse mackerel, shellfish, and gizzards.

At that time, I felt that the Deba knife was so thick that it wouldn't come off easily when removing bones.

So, when I consulted with Mr. Suishin this time, he said that he would be able to commercialize the boat line that I had custom-ordered, and it was sold.

What is different from other boat trips?

Anyway, it's easy to get rid of when handling fish. Also, I think that the blade is weak because it is thin, but if it is a fish of about 2 kg, such as flatfish or Thailand, it seems that it will be handled at all.

I'm probably A kitchen knife that you will continue to use for the rest of your life I'm wondering if this is one of the kitchen knives that I would like everyone to pick up and experience this sense of judgment.

So, this is a 165mm white two-steel, steel knives.

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Boat trip 165mm white second steel

3. Bull Knife 230mm V Gold No. 10

The third one I would like to introduce is a 230mm chef's knife with a fashionable pattern like this.

What kind of usage do you want this kitchen knife to be? It's a kitchen knife for home use.

I planned a kitchen knife that can handle all meat, vegetables, and fish with one knife.

What is Damascus ?

What is this pattern? Damascus It is a kitchen knife that is made of steel, using a stainless steel called V gold for the core material, and nickel is layered around it and beaten.

The characteristic of Damascus steel is that the blade is sturdy.It is a durable and powerful kitchen knife that can be cut overwhelmingly longer than ordinary household knives.

What is good is A kitchen knife with a solid weight It has become.

I think that you can experience cutting ingredients using the weight of the knife itself, which you can not easily taste with ordinary knives, so the third one is a 230 mm Damascus sword.

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Bull Knife 230mm V Gold No. 10

4. Cutting board (single board of Yoshino cypress)

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the cutting board.

This cutting board is a cutting board that I planned in collaboration with a manufacturer in Nara prefecture called Miyoshino Kitchen, who is also indebted to me at the store.

This product is made with 3 points: (1) material, (2) construction and (3) size.

What is the material?

Talking about the material, it is a cutting board made of cypress.

There are various types of wood used for cutting boards, such as paulownia and ginkgo, but I think that cypress is the highest quality, including fragrance and strength.

So, this time, I made a cypress cutting board.

What is Yoshino cypress?

Among the cypress, Yoshino cypress in Nara prefecture is said to be of high quality. "Horyuji Temple", the oldest wooden building in the world Something is said to have been made using Yoshino cypress.

How to make a cutting board?

Introducing the structure, this cutting board is now a single cutting board.

Ordinary wood chopping boards are often made by spinning several trees and grafting them together, but this chopping board is a single chopping board cut from raw wood.

Grafted cutting boards that use adhesive may inevitably crack from the seams of the wood.

A single board is a cutting board with relatively little possibility of such a thing.

What is the reason for the size?

Lastly, I would like to introduce the size of this cutting board, which is 470 mm ✕ 290 mm and 30 mm thick.

The reason why I wanted to make it this size is that it is a size that can be completed with one cutting board.

As for what it means, it is important for me that when I put the Yanagi knife, the handle and the cutting edge fit into one piece.

If the horizontal length is short, it feels like this, and the cutting edge sticks out of the cutting board, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Also, if the height (vertical) is small, the work space will be narrowed when the kitchen knife is placed.

I think that it fits well that the work is completed on one cutting board, so I made it this size.

Why wood instead of plastic?

The reason why we recommend wooden cutting boards instead of plastic cutting boards is that wooden cutting boards are very compatible with kitchen knives. (Of course, the sound and scent)

Above all, it's kind to kitchen knives However, I felt that it was the greatest merit.

As you use the kitchen knife, it will become more and more difficult to cut. It is said that the cause is not the foodstuff but the plastic cutting board.

If you use a good knife, use a good cutting board, and if the knife is cut for a long time, the number of sharpenings will decrease, and you will inevitably be able to use the knife for a long time.

I think that a good tool means that it can be used for a long time.

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Cutting board (single board of Yoshino cypress)


We introduced 3 kitchen knives, 1 type of cutting board, and Watari products.

All products are made to order depending on the situation, but you can purchase them from the URL below.Please buy it and give it a try.

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