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There are two kinds of one belly and one belly, three sizes of large, medium and small.

  • One litter (human hala): one whole karasumi. It is recommended for Watari.
  • One-bellied (katahara): a single raven in half.

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Watari Original Karasumi (middle)
Watari Original Karasumi (middle) (5.0) Sale price From ¥12,870
Watari Original Carasumi (Large)Watari Original Carasumi (Large)
Watari Original Carasumi (Large) Sale price From ¥23,540
Sold outWatari Original Calasumi One Belly (Large)Watari Original Calasumi One Belly (Large)
Sold outWatari Original Carasumi (Small)Watari Original Carasumi (Small)
Sold outWatari Original Calasumi One belly (small)Watari Original Calasumi One belly (small)
Sold outWatari Original Calasumi Flies (Medium)Watari Original Calasumi Flies (Medium)