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Inscription (additional option at the time of purchase)

Sale price¥1,600

It is also possible to engrave inscriptions by carving chisel. Please purchase from here when you purchase the kitchen knife. Normally, we have you wait for "2 to 3 weeks" as the processing period. (Therefore, a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks will be added to the delivery time of the kitchen knife.)

[How to order inscription]

(1) Enter the desired characters for chisel carving in the "order memo" on the cart screen. Be sure to contact us with the characters you want to carve Thank you.

Example: Please use 4 characters for "Taro Yamada".

(2) After filling in, press "Save" to complete the purchase

* If this entry is omitted, please contact "" with the desired characters.


【Notes and Remarks】

(1) It will be processed by chisel carving. (I will carve iron. The product photos on this page are for reference.)

(2) You cannot specify the font for chisel carving. Limited to craftsman\'s font.

(3) Normally, the engraving is in the "Ginza Watari" logo. In the case of original kitchen knives, the standard laser "Ginza Watari" logo will disappear, and a chisel carving will be placed at that position instead.

(4) The back side is only stamped (stamped by the blacksmith). You cannot change the characters on the back side.

[Original logo by laser can be accepted instead of carving chisel]

If you have an outline drawn by an illustrator, you can put a special design such as an original logo on the kitchen knife. (If there is no outline data, it can be manufactured here, but it will be an additional cost. * Negotiable)

In the case of laser, various ideas are possible than carving chisel. If you wish, please contact us in advance.