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Yanagiba Knife Blue Steel No.2 Hon-Kasumi

Sale price¥47,520

kinds:Yanagiba knife
Steel:Blue Steel
Sharpening: Honkasumi sharpening
Handle: Boxwood octagonal handle (Option to change to ebony handle available)
Handle of water buffalo: white to white-brown marble or black
Title: Selection available *The photo is Ginza Tori (laser logo)
Inscription (back): Drunken Heart Blue #2 Steel (carved)
Blade sharpening: Optional
Mirror processing:Optional


Depending on the circumstances such as additional options, as a guide, we will ship and deliver your order within 1 to 2 months from the date of your order.(If there are no additional options, delivery may be possible within 1 to 2 weeks after placing your order. If you are concerned about the detailed delivery date, please contact us through the chat section, LINE, or email inquiry.) 

■ Recommended whetstones

Whetstone #2000

Whetstone #5000 (Arashiyama)

Whetstone #8000 (Kitayama)


Do you have another type of steel?
There are white steel, silver steel, and blue steel available. Please check from the product category page.

Is there one for left-handed people?
→ The price will be 50% higher than the listed price, but you can place an order on this product page .

Yanagiba Knife Blue Steel No.2 Hon-Kasumi
Yanagiba Knife Blue Steel No.2 Hon-Kasumi Sale price¥47,520