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Watanabe Original Karasumi Katabara (Small)

Sale price¥3,850

【Commitment】 The biggest attraction is that Watari himself personally delivers the mullet roe, which he personally prepares one by one, directly to the customer. Rather than relying on outsourcing, we carry out all processes ourselves, and are committed to delivering products to customers' homes that are of the same quality as seen in the videos they usually watch.

[Selected production areas] The mullet we sell is carefully selected from Hyogo Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture. We use only the highest quality ingredients that have passed Watari's strict standards, and provide products that take full advantage of the quality of the production area.

[Unique manufacturing method and taste] The mullet we are selling this time is pickled in miso. It goes through a series of steps, starting with blood removal, pre-treatment with whiskey and ice water, then pickling in salt water, and finally pickling in miso (red miso and white miso). These processes take more than a month, but by taking the time to prepare the mullet, the unique taste and flavor of mullet roe are created.

[First product: Karasumi]

As the first sale, we will be offering a special sale of Karasumi, which has received many requests. This Karasumi has been carefully prepared since January 2024.

[Product Type]

[Ingredients display]
・Bola roe (produced in Hyogo prefecture/produced in Miyagi prefecture)
・Red miso
・Saikyo miso
·sweet sake
・Western liquor

[Limited quantity]
The miso-pickled mullet roe prepared this time isLimited quantityThe sale will end as soon as it is sold out.

[Product delivery]
Please specify the date and time after the 5th day of purchase. Since it is a cool delivery service, it will be delivered directly. (Delivery box not available)

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