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Watari Original Calasumi Flies (Medium)

Sale price¥6,600

[Sticking]The biggest attraction is that Watari himself directly delivers the karasumi made by hand to customers. Without resorting to outsourcing, we were committed to performing all the processes with our own hands, and delivering the product as it is in the quality of the customer's usual viewing video to your home.

[Selected locality]Karasumi to be sold is available in selected Hyōgo and Miyazaki prefectures. We use only the highest quality ingredients that have cleared the strict standards of Watari, and offer products that make the most of the good quality of the country.

[Unique formula and taste]The karasumi to be sold this time is "pickled miso". It has gone through a series of processes, starting with blood-drawing, then side-processing with whiskey and ice water, followed by saltwing, and finally pickling into miso (red miso and white miso). These processes take a period of more than a month, but by taking the time to prepare them, they create a unique flavor and flavor.

[First product: Karasumi]

As the first of the sales, we have received many requests and we will sell the Karasumi specially. This karasumi has been carefully prepared since January 2024. Reservations will start when the video is released, and the first shipment is scheduled for early April.

[Kind of product]

component representation]
· Borako (from Hyōgo Prefecture/Miyagi Prefecture)
· Red miso
・ Saikyo miso
· Mirin
· Salt
・ Western liquor

[Limited quantity]
The miso pickled crow prepared this timeLimited quantityIt will end as soon as it is sold out.

[March limited campaign]
For the period from 3/17 (day) to 3/31 (day), the sales start campaign is being implemented. (abdominal 10% OFF, abdominal 15% OFF)

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