Manabu Yoshida Four-sided plate


【product Overview】

It is a work of Manabu Yoshida. We carefully select and introduce vessels that match Japanese food, make the dishes shine, and make the dining table gorgeous.

[Size / Dimensions]

Please refer to the photo.


The photo is an image.As each item is handmade one by one, the patterns and patterns may differ slightly from those shown in the photos. Please consider purchasing after understanding this point. (If you want to check the pattern, please contact us from the shop chat.)

[Type of material]

It is as follows. In the top photo, from the left,Blue brush eyes, Oribe rim iron, iron glaze. The one in the last photo is "Oribe Mat".

  • Oribe mat
  • Oribe rim iron
  • Iron glaze
  • Blue brush eyes

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