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Cojada vinegar tightening (cojada × 2)

Sale price¥3,240

[Sticking point of Kohada]
We will start selling Kohada based on the concept of delivering delicious food from Tokyo to your home. The cojada is firmly removed from the scales before pulling out the guts and carefully judging them. After shaking the salt and exposing it to water to drain the moisture and excess fat, it is soaked in vinegar mixed with white and red vinegar and aged. Through this process, the tightness of Kohada and the taste of blue fish stand out.

■ How to eat Kohada
It is also recommended to enjoy the sashimi as it is, with vegetables and lightly seasoned, or to hold it as a sushi material.

[About frozen storage]
By freezing, you can avoid the risk of parasites and serve safely. In our shopFrozen at minus 60 degrees.I try to keep the texture and flavor to the maximum.

[Estimate of shipping]
Scheduled to ship in about 5 working days from the date of order

Cojada vinegar tightening (cojada × 2)
Cojada vinegar tightening (cojada × 2) Sale price¥3,240