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Yoshihiro Hosokawa Nagata dish ceramic piece (botamochi)

Sale price¥16,500

A piece of pottery (tohen), which is made in the image of a piece of prepreface that remains on the kiln site. By breaking the formed vessel, this unique cross-section is created.

When making a work, it is common to knead the soil evenly before handling it, but Mr. Yoshihiro Hosokawa does not knead the soil too much and makes use of the personality of the soil.

Small stones and breaks can be seen in the cross section of the pieces.

This long dish is angled in a thousand-cut cross section, and there is a sharp impression when viewed from above.

Due to the difference in the shrinkage rate of the soil, there are also gaps in the surface of the vessel.

This work, in which the personality of the soil and the personality of Mr. Hosokawa are combined, feels rugged and naive in the distance, but the dynamic appears in the fine parts, making you feel more than the actual size.

In this container, brown remains on the part where the tool soil (soil to be placed to avoid an open fire) is placed, and the part where the open fire hits is dark gray, but the color changes with each use, and various expressions can be enjoyed.

Yoshihiro Hosokawa Nagata dish ceramic piece (botamochi)
Yoshihiro Hosokawa Nagata dish ceramic piece (botamochi) Sale price¥16,500