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Article: Comments on Youtube videos (partial excerpt)


Comments on Youtube videos (partial excerpt)

This is an excerpt of a comment on the Youtube channel "Ginza Watari". In addition, this is an arbitrary excerpt by the staff of Watari Ginza, so we would appreciate it if you could refer to it after understanding it.

"I'm an ordinary ordinary person who is neither a culinary person nor anything.It seems to be an illusion of a remote class at a cooking school.Watari's class is really easy to understand and's the best. "
123 pop rock

"I wanted to see a video like this.It's not the place where I learned. "
Mr. Tamu

"I'm an apprentice cook 🔪 I tried to imitate this video and it was really delicious."
udon taka

"I'm the manager of a restaurant overseas.I saw it by chance, but all of them are wonderful teaching materials.In particular, I thought it would be a good idea to teach how to wholesale three pieces while laying the bones sideways and imagining the movement of the kitchen knife inside. "
Flying-Circus 様

"I'm glad I found it here.It is really easy to understand from the viewer's point of view, such as explaining the middle bones as a sample. The work is beautiful on the cutting board. "

"I've been asking," What's the point of using plow and loose pull properly? "In a video that I've been plucking many times in the past, but Watari-san's video finally gave me a convincing answer. "
Mr. M Holly

"I watched a video with my unrivaled fish-loving junior high school boy (who is about to enter the rebellion period) and decided to take on the challenge!I was impressed by my father's secret when I saw him reticently judging him. Thanks to you, I had a good time, thank you ♪ "
Mountain shoes

"I think it's very valuable and happy to have the opportunity to watch professional work in this way.A long time ago, two years ago, it would have been an era [stealing senior technology with your eyes].I reconfirmed that Japanese food is beautiful because it has a delicate preparation, as well as its moist and gorgeous appearance. No, it's a really good video! "

"It's always fun, and even for me, who specializes in Japanese food, it's really learning.Especially, how to wholesale mackerel, new child, and preparation of stone wall shellfish are wonderful. Thank you very much. "
Mr. murakami fam

"Thank you for all the great videos. As with any video, the quality of the material is good, isn't it?I really appreciate it as a viewer.Thanks ☆"
嗚 Call ruthless

"This is the best cooking video I've ever seen.If I can reproduce it myself, I wonder if it will be a level to open a store! ?? "
No. 2 Kuro-chan

"I'm a Chinese cook, but I always watch Watari-san's videos. It's very educational."
Ken Ito

"Wow!I feel like a cook.It makes me think that I should try cooking too. "
O. ViVi

"I'm living in Australia right now. Sushi 🍣 is too expensive and three times the price of Japan‼ ️ If you can do it yourself, it's the best.The explanation is also good and easy to understand.Thank you. "
Mr. Akemi Takahashi

"If I was 10 years younger, I wanted to work in the same kitchen as someone like you.It is easy to understand and convey in the explanation and technology. Also, it's very kind to talk while being careful. "
Japanese food technology channel

"It's really a learning experience. It's a beautiful kitchen knife, and it's a big difference from me who came in my own way, so I feel like trying to do it more beautifully."
Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter 361

"Mr. Watari, I'm always grateful for your teachings and watching the video‼ ️ I'm a 75-year-old grandma 😍 My dad. I love sashimi and mackerel sashimi 😍💓💓 , Tell me how to remove the smell 😃💡✨, and also politely tell me what to add to it‼ ️😃💡✨ I didn't know until this year‼ ️ As you taught, I will give it to my dad. 😵 I think. Please tell me again‼ ️ Thank you 😆💕✨ Thank you 😍 "
Mr. Sasako Fujisaki

"I'm looking forward to it every time.I'm really grateful to be able to reaffirm my knowledge of how to cook fish, various foods, and my common sense.I've been cooking meals for my family every day, but I'm very happy and encouraged to be able to sympathize with Watari's sensibility to some extent.From a housewife "
Mr. Ikuko Ueda

"Always, after cooking, he accurately explains the points that make a difference in the finish (other than that, it is unexpectedly broken), and I feel the elegance of each work. I love "fish bean knowledge".
Keisuke Ozaki

"It will be a mess of study.Even the sushi book didn't explain in detail so far. "
R room 様

"I've been doing Western food for over 40 years, and for some reason I've been doing Japanese food for about two years, and I'm not sure about the details of Japanese food, so I'm studying by watching Watari's video.I am convinced that you have seen it with an accurate explanation.Thank you very much. "
Mr. Tatsuya Sato

"The polite explanations are very educational. There are many people who distribute videos of professional work with telops, but that makes me feel like a" recipe book "and I'm personally dissatisfied. right. Rather, "I have this idea." "There are people like this." "There is also such a pattern." "This depends on your taste." "I like this." "I dare to do this." You can study while using your imagination because it often puts in "words" such explanations that may get in the way if you do. "
I love sushi

"Is there such a way to boil it? It's very ... and always studying for me from Italian cuisine."
Mr. Wataru Aranami

"I am also involved in cooking, but I think that it is the most useful channel in the cooking system because the explanation of the production area etc. is polite.Not to mention the general public, I always watch it while thinking that it will be a learning experience even from the same industry. Thank you always 😊 "

"This is a permanent preservation version personally.I will try to imitate it. It will be a learning experience because the lectures will be easy to understand even for camera work and amateurs.It's difficult to procure ingredients, so I can't imitate everything, but I always study dishes that I can't imitate, so it's fun and interesting. "
la ku

"I've been waiting for this video! I've watched various videos dozens of times because I wanted to try sushi, but I'm not convinced.Thank you for giving me a careful and slow explanation and finally understanding the basic movements! "

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