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article: Comments on YouTube videos (excerpt)


Comments on YouTube videos (excerpt)

This is an excerpt from a comment on the Youtube channel "Ginza Watari". Also, this is an arbitrary excerpt by Ginza Watari staff, so please understand that before reading it.

"I'm just an ordinary person who doesn't have anything to do with cooking. I almost feel like I'm taking a remote class at a cooking school. Mr. Watari's class is really easy to understand and interesting. It's the best."
123 poprock

I wanted to watch this kind of video. It was beyond educational.
Dear Tamu-san,

"I'm an apprentice chef🔪I watched this video and tried making it by imitation and it was really delicious."
Mr. Udon Taka

"I am a manager of a restaurant overseas. I happened to see them, and they are all wonderful teaching materials. Especially the one that teaches how to cut three pieces by placing the bone on the side and imagining the movement of the knife inside. ,That makes sense."
Flying-Circus Company

"I'm glad I found this place. It's really easy to understand from the viewer's point of view, with explanations using back bones as examples. The work on the cutting board is beautiful."
Dear N

"I have asked the question ``What is the key to distinguishing between sukihiki and barabiki?'' in videos about sukihiki many times in the past, and Watari-san's video finally gave me a satisfying answer. "
M Holly

"I saw a video with my son, a junior high school student who is an unparalleled lover of fish (he's about to enter his rebellious phase), and decided to give it a try! He's quiet, but when he saw me fishing with all my heart, my father secretly said, I was impressed. I had a great time, thank you very much."
Mountain shoes

"I think it's such a precious and happy thing to have the opportunity to watch a professional's work on video.A generation or two ago, it would have been a time when you could steal the skills of your seniors with your eyes... It's not only the moist and gorgeous appearance, but the beauty comes from the delicate preparation.It's a really good video!

"It's always a lot of fun, and even though I specialize in Japanese cuisine, I really learn a lot. Especially the way of preparing mackerel, shinko, and Ishigaki shellfish are wonderful. Thank you very much."
Murakami family

"Thank you for your always wonderful videos. As I think about all videos, the quality of the material is good. As a viewer, I really appreciate it. Thank you ☆"
Oh, how pitiless!

"This is the best cooking video I've ever seen. If I can recreate it myself, I wonder if I'll be able to open a restaurant!"
Kuro-chan No. 2

"I'm a Chinese food cook, and I always watch Mr. Watari's videos. I learn a lot."
Mr. Ken Ito

Wow. Feels like a professional chef. Makes me want to try cooking too.
O. ViVi

"I currently live in Australia. The sushi🍣 is so expensive it's three times the price in Japan! It would be great if I could make it myself. The explanations are very easy to understand. Thank you."
Mr. Akemi Takahashi

"If I were 10 years younger, I would have loved to work in the same kitchen as someone like you. Your explanations and techniques are very easy to understand and easy to understand. Also, the way you speak with care is very kind."
Japanese Cuisine Technique Channel

"I really learned a lot. There is a big difference between me and myself, who have been doing things my own way, with their beautiful knife skills, and it makes me want to try doing it even more beautifully."
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter 361

"Mr. Watari, I'm always grateful for your teachings and watch your videos!! I'm a 75-year-old grandma😍My father loves sardines and mackerel sashimi😍💓💓. Please tell me how to remove the odor😃💡✨, and also tell me what to add to it!! ️😃💡✨I didn't know about it until this year!! I did what you taught me and gave it to my father. 😵I think so. Please tell me again!! ️Thank you😆💕✨😍"
Ms. Kinko Fujisaki

"I look forward to it every time. I'm really grateful that I was able to learn how to cook fish, learn about various foods, and reaffirm my common sense. Up until now, I've been cooking meals for my family every day. Mr. Watari. I'm very happy and encouraged to be able to empathize with his sensibilities to a certain extent.
Ms. Ikuko Ueda

"As usual, he accurately explains the points that make a difference in the finished product after cooking (something that is surprisingly omitted elsewhere), and I can feel the elegance of each task. I love the "fish trivia".
Mr. Keisuke Ozaki

It's really informative. Even in sushi books, they didn't explain things in such detail.
R room

"I've been cooking Western food for over 40 years, and for some reason I've been cooking Japanese food for about two years. I don't really understand the details of Japanese food, so I've been learning by watching Mr. Watari's videos. Thank you very much for your accurate explanation."
Mr. Tatsuya Sato

"I learn a lot from detailed explanations. There are many people who broadcast videos of their professional work with subtitles, but personally, I'm not happy with that because it looks like a recipe book. right. Instead, use captions such as ``This is what I think.'' ``Some people are like this.'' ``There is also a pattern like this.'' ``It depends on your taste.'' ``I like this.'' ``I'm doing this on purpose.'' The book frequently provides explanations in words, which would otherwise be a hindrance, so you can use your imagination while studying. "
Sushi lover

"I never knew there was a cooking method like this!! As someone who comes from an Italian cuisine background, this is very... and always a learning experience."
Mr. Arahato

"I'm also involved in cooking, and I think this channel is the most informative for the cooking industry, as it provides detailed explanations of the production area, etc.It's not only for the general public, but also for people in the same industry. I always watch it thinking it's a learning experience. Thank you for your continued support 😊"

"Personally, this is a permanent version. I will try to imitate it. I learn because he gives lectures on things like camera work that are easy to understand even for amateurs. I can't imitate everything because it's difficult to procure ingredients, but I can't imitate it." I learn a lot about cooking every time, and it's fun and interesting."
la ku 様

“I've been waiting for a video like this! I wanted to try making sushi, so I watched dozens of different videos, but I just couldn't get enough of it. Thank you for explaining the basics slowly and carefully. I understand the movement, thank you!”

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