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[Ginza Watari original] Yoshino cypress cutting board 550mm × 300mm × 30mm

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Ginza Watari original cutting board

[About size]

Size: 470mm x 290mm x 30mm
* There may be an error in millimeters due to the width of the saw blade and the expansion and contraction of solid wood.

It's 30mm thick, and you can feel the thickness compared to the 20mm cutting board that you often see in home improvement stores. (Although it is difficult to convey in the photo)

Regarding the vertical and horizontal dimensions, we have decided to use a size that is particular to Watari, which will be necessary for handling fish at home.

[About materials]

It is a single cutting board using Yoshino cypress from Nara prefecture.
Only domestic wood is used.

There are so many kinds of trees, including domestic and foreign lumber.

However, there are only a few tree species that are suitable for cutting boards. Among them, hinoki (cypress) is excellent in fragrance, beauty and water resistance. Due to its quality, it is said that Yoshino cypress in Nara was also used in Horyuji Temple, which is known as the oldest existing building in Japan.

I hope this cutting board will give you an idea of the goodness of wood and the goodness of solid wood.

[Please check the following points before purchasing]

This item is made to order.

■ Caution
・ The wood grain is different from the item photo.
-Since it is a natural wood product, the grain may contain tiny measures such as bark and patterns. (Last photo)
-Since it is a product made of natural wood, "warp", "blackheads" and "dry cracks" may occur during use.
・ There are individual differences in the characters of the branding iron "Ginza Watari". (Refer to the photo) If anything, we are planning to make adjustments so that the print will be "dark".
・ Cypress oil may ooze out. It is a proof of good material, but if you are concerned, please wipe it off.
-There may be small scratches or fluff when creating.


■ Is it possible to change the size?
→ If you have a desired size, please contact us. (The price will change depending on the size.)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

[Ginza Watari original] Yoshino cypress cutting board 550mm × 300mm × 30mm
[Ginza Watari original] Yoshino cypress cutting board 550mm × 300mm × 30mm Sale price¥12,800