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Watari Asterisk sale decision!


Our restaurant is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, and is a sushi restaurant with reservations only for private rooms.

We are pleased to inform you that we will be selling "Watari Nogari".



Generally, gari is served as a sushi garnish, but at our shop, it is served at the beginning of the course menu and enjoyed as a snack.



You may have the impression that gari has a strong sweetness, but our gari is different.

Reduce the sweetness so that you can feel the original fresh taste of ginger, and add richness with red vinegar. You can enjoy it refreshingly.



Generally, gari is sliced and then soaked in pickle juice, but in our shop, in order to take advantage of the fresh taste of this new ginger,It is soaked in red vinegar seasoning liquid without slicing.



Red vinegar is a vinegar made from lees, which was often made in the Edo period, and is valuable because of its low production volume in modern times.

Made from only Ginjo lees that have been aged for a long period of 3 years or moreAndRich and profound tasteIs attractive.



At the shop, the ginger is cut just before it is eaten, so the freshness of the new ginger stands out.

like thisThe more you want to chew, the more mild the spiciness is and the more you can\'t stop


How to eat


We will deliver the new ginger as it is, so you can cut it into your favorite shape and eat it.


Even with slices

At the store, it is sliced just before it is served to customers.

Even in blocks

Another recommendation is random cutting. You can enjoy the texture of gari and enjoy a different taste.

as you like
Please enjoy

Please try it as a single dish or as a snack for sake.