[Ginza Watari special order] Gaku Yoshida Nagakakudai plate 7.5 inch


* Since this is a custom-made product, there are no actual photos yet.

【product Overview】

Manabu Yoshida has decided to order a long-angle plate for the store at Sushi Watari. As an image, the long plate in the photo is attached with a height of "2 cm".

[Size / Dimensions]

245mm (horizontal) x 160mm (vertical) x 20mm (height)

[Scheduled delivery date]

May 2022 are


As each item is handmade one by one, the patterns and patterns may differ slightly from those shown in the photos. Please consider purchasing after understanding this point.

[Type of material]

You can choose from "Oribe rim iron", "Oribe mat", "iron glaze" and so on. Please see the last photo. (The brown material is "iron glaze".)

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