210mm Sickle Thin Blade White Second Steel Benka


210mm Sickle Thin Blade White Second Steel Benka

A sickle-shaped thin blade that is used habitually in Kansai.
Uses Hitachi Yasuki Hagane Blank Paper No. 2.

It is a gem that is carefully fired at a low temperature and made at an appropriate temperature, and it is easy to get a blade with a straight blade by sharpening this haze.

It can also be used for decorative cutting using kisses and fine work.

Park octagonal buffalo square roll pattern is attached as standard.
It is also recommended for professionals to use at home to enjoy authentic cooking.

[Please check the following points before purchasing]

・ No main blade
・ The pattern is a park octagonal pattern (photo)

In the case of logo insertion, it will take about 2 weeks to deliver. In addition, if you have a request (if you want to attach a main blade or change the handle to another one, etc.), please indicate so in the "Remarks" column when ordering. We will respond individually.

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